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The History

The History - CO.DER. ...from 1990
The Company CO.DER. Ltd. (COsmesi DERmatologica S.r.l.), founded in 1990, can boast a very profound, well established story of research and formulation of cosmetics.

Born from the working experience of Dr. Fausto Gonella, it has inherited all the tradition of Italian cosmetology, with its never ending research for the best formulation with the optimal equilibrium between nature and technology, using the most genuine and most advanced components.

The company, during its evolution, has been capable to create a very innovative industrial complex, while operating with the artisan care and love, that transforms each product in a small “work of art”, almost unique in its kind. The continuous growth of production volumes has never and will never hinder to the products’ quality, which will always be guaranteed for their safety as well as for their effectiveness.


Mission - CO.DER. ...from 1990
Formulate and produce curative cosmetics of the utmost quality, with advanced technology up to the leading edge of the industry but produced always with the best artisan care, always striving to satisfy the clientele.


Production - CO.DER. ...from 1990
All production process is continuously checked with accurate controls in every part: from quality tests on the incoming row components to a microbiological analysis on every single lot of production, every single step is monitored to obtain and warrant the best possible products.
We built a production facility with characteristics that allow also the production of pharmaceuticals drugs: a special filtration system maintains the air a constant humidity and temperature. Special materials and techniques were used in the construction to make all areas easily cleaned and disinfected. Production equipments are all pharmaceutical grade, built in special steel and working under vacuum conditions to prevent any contamination. All the water used in the production is treated with ultra-filtration, inverse osmosis and electro-deionization in such a way to be absolutely bacterially pure.


Guarantee - CO.DER. ...from 1990

Co.Der. has obtained a “Dependability Award for tertiary industries” from Unipro – Confindustria, to both acknowledge products quality and service standards.

Co.Der. works under EU 1223/2009 Regulation and according with Good Manufacturing Practice